A Dublin native, Laura Fitzsimons grew up immersed in Blues, Jazz, Country, Soul and Swing music through the influence of her late mother, singer & piano player, Valerie Fitzsimons. She started her performing career at the age of 7 singing at a show in Butlins.

Since then, she has recorded and performed both in Ireland and the USA in bands and as a solo artist. She also has appeared on TV and radio singing cover songs as well as original songs.

​Laura trained as a Mezzo Soprano in the School of Music in Dublin. She trained as an Actor in the Dublin Central School of Acting and trained as a Voice Actor with Velvet Voice and Avondale Voice Over Studios.

Laura’s music and performance style is high energy with a feel-good vibe. She has the unique ability to engage and enliven her audience with lots of good, natured fun.

Her vocals deliver an earthy resonance when she sings ol deep Southern Blues and she brings sensuality and romanticism when singing Soul numbers.

In addition to Laura’s exceptional vocal talent, she is a seasoned Actor and Voice Actor. She has starred and performed in several short movies and voice plays & narrations both in lead and supporting roles. Her ‘singing’ ear helps her nail different accents quickly and convincingly.

One moment she draws you in by singing quietly, the next she belts out the lyrics with such passion, emotion and vitality